Usability in Transportation


Usability in Transportation

Transportation means moving products and people in its broadest sense. Usability in transportation speaks to the interaction of people and the vehicles, the challenges and issues infrastructure and modes for moving around in our environment. . We spend time repeatedly, everyday getting our things and ourselves from point A to point B. It varies by day, by location, by time and by need and requires us to utilize many forms of transport. World Usability Day 2008 is focused on exploring and creating awareness for several aspects of transportation:

  • How has transportation impacted our culture and society? What are the opportunities and constraints for our society?
  • How do humans interact with the following aspects of transportation:
    • Modes – automobiles, planes, trains and subways, boats, trucks, busses, bikes, animals, and more.
    • Infrastructure – roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, and more.
    • Technologies and resources supporting transportation – online travel advisory and ticketing, maps and more.
    • Security
    • Signage
  • How do the modes interact with each other?
  • How do transportation modes and issues impact our environment?
  • How can being green improve usability of transportation?
  • How have accessibility issues and challenges been addressed by transportation?

With your support and involvement we believe that together we can begin to answer some of these questions and spotlight the advances, the success stories and the challenges we face daily.

How can you begin to address these questions?

SHARE!Please share your stories about transportation – what’s your favorite travel story? Have you altered your auto usage based on today’s challenges? How would you rate the road signs in your city?

Share your photos of different types of transportation in your hometown, on a business trip, on vacations, highlight road signs that work for you and those that don’t; expose the latest technology or tool you use that helps you navigate and get from point A to point B!

Transportation impacts our lives on a daily basis. It allows to access basic human needs – water, food, and helps us fulfill our work and our lives.