Design Challenge

Design Challenge

World Usability Day 2021 Design Challenge

World Usability Day is pleased to announce the sponsorship by and collaboration with the HCI International (HCII) conference for the annual Design Challenge.  This collaboration brings together two organizations who have similar and supporting goals.  HCII provides an international forum for the dissemination and exchange of up-to-date scientific information on theoretical, generic and applied areas. World Usability Day aims to raise standards so that technology works to harness human potential. This work is accomplished by building a community of common practice and supporting that through events occurring around the world that bring together different communities to work together to make our world easy for all.

The Gold, Silver and Bronze recipients of the World Usability Day Design Challenge Awards are cordially invited, with complimentary registration, to present their innovative, impactful design at the HCI International Conferences. The announcement of the winners for the upcoming competition will be on the World Usability Day, 11 November 2021 and the awards will be conferred during the HCII 2022 conference opening ceremony (which will run as a virtual event). They will be also invited to present their work in a special session during the conference.

Design Challenge 2021 winners are listed below.




Design Brief

What you need to get started.

Propose a user-centered solution that is focused on our theme: Design of our Online World: Trust, Ethics, and Integrity.

Find out more about the theme.

Your experience will be communicated through a clickable design prototype using methods from HCI, UX Research, Design Research, and Human Centered AI.

Your entry will be approximately 10 Designed Screens that demonstrate the main value your solution is providing (views in a flow). You will also submit 500 words or less to explain your entry, describe your process, and back up your solution with research information.

Block off some time on your schedule. Spend somewhere between 10 and 40 hours working on a solution and be sure to submit your entry on this webpage, before September 24, 2021

Acceptable Entries

  • Mobile App Experiences
  • Internet of Things Systems
  • Game Experiences
  • Website Experiences

Problem Topics

A website that helps you find new work. An app that tracks how your money is used in politics. A better remote education platform. Bringing equity to a process or community. What impact do you want to make in the world?

  • Medical

    Telemedicine, Electronic Health Records, Apps for better health

  • Social Justice

    Ways to improve the world through 
social justice and the power 
of people.

  • Financial

    Managing money online, applying for unemployment, buying and selling products, trading stock

  • Mental Health

    Social Isolation and it’s impact on 
mental well–being.

  • Social

    Staying connected to friends, 
family, and colleagues.

  • Fitness

    Health and well-being as it 
relates to getting regular exercise.

  • Environmental

    How can we use our online world to help solve the climate change crises?

  • Education

    Learning Online, Hybrid, or Distanced.

Honorable Mentions

Project Live

By Designer: Omar Awaideh


By Design Team: Laleh Amany and Maryam Ladoni


By Designer: Vamshi Krishna Beeravelly


By Design Team: Kailash Manjhi, Adaikalaraj M, Subhankar Paul, Tanaya Bose, Tulika Saikia, Rashmi Rajan, Shravan Tiwari and Anindya Bhanja Chowdhury

Dr. Gut

By Designer: Sumesh Dugar

Winners 2020

2nd Place

2020 Second Prize

Walk and Talk

By Zington Xperience from Sweden

Isabella Koniakowski, Johnny Geokhaji, Marcus Liljeqvist, Ylva Boske, Per Grewin, and Tommy Marshall

3rd Place

2020 Third Prize


By Omar Mismar from Jordan

Honorable Mentions


By Team TAPP: Hannah Landau, Virginia Pollock, Sadhana Ramaseshadri, and Nell Steinmetz from University of Michigan, USA

Dually Noted

By Team BackHome Diesel from Canada

Arshia Gharai, Hanfang Cao, Hariharan Srinivasan, Mackenzie Frew, Parsa Berenjimonfared, and Ryan Wong


By SUX from Portugal
(Syndicate for User Experience)

Helping Hands

By Chandler Hall from USA


By Webbies from India

Abhishek Mitra, Biswajit Adhikary, Madhav P. Mansuriya, Shweta Nandi, Sonit Paul and Sumesh Dugar

2021 Review Committee

Judged by an expert review committee and based on scores 1-5 in each of the following categories:

Visual / Interaction Design
Impact / Awe or Inspiration
Detail, Degree of Difficulty

Design Challenge Jury

  • Chair – Gilbert Cockton Emeritus Professor, University of Sunderland (Computer Science) and Northumbria University (Design), UK
  • Ahmad Alhuwwari
    UX Trainer, Mentor, Evangelist, Consultant, Orange Jordan
  • Romi Dey
    Co-founder Solved By Design Kolkata, India
  • Stravroula Ntoa
    Lead UX Designer, Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory, Institute of Computer Science, FORTH, Greece
  • Brian K Smith
    The Honorable David S. Nelson Professional Chair + Associate Dean for Research, Lynch School of Education and Human Development, Boston College,  USA

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