November 10, 2021
until November 12
17:00 - 20:30
How to Attend
map marker icon map laptop with video conference
in person or remotely

Host City

Rome Lazio,

World Usability Day Rome 2021

The WUDRome Multi-Day learning & networking experience

World Usability Day Rome is one of Italian editions of the World Usability Day that every year deepens topics about Usability, User Experience, Human-centered design and many other topics related to Service Design.

Due to the delicate situation surrounding the COVID-19 emergency, we decided to postpone the offline event to 2022 and make the 2021 edition online and in attendance from a number of company locations with access by reservation only.

The 2021 Theme

Internet has completely revolutionised the way people live over the last few decades, breaking down distances, shaping new possibilities and presenting new challenges.

From work meetings to medical appointments, many of our daily activities, such as the way of working, booking systems to access services or new forms of socializing, have turned virtual.

Design must respond to the needs arising from an emergency system and adapt to our current way of life. We are now faced with the challenges of designing for our online world:

– How do we create trust in the online environment?
– What are the ethical implications of our designs?
– How do we design for accessibility, to ensure that everyone can use our designs?

The World Theme 2021 explores Design Systems that help people stay connected, learn and grow despite the current challenging times we are experiencing.

Speakers will come from different cities, connecting from their company headquarters.


More details coming soon.


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