World Usability Day in Cleveland

World Usability Day 2022 Cleveland

November 10, 2022

World Usability Day 2022 Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio
United States

November 10, 2022
08:45 - 15:00
How to Attend
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Host City

Cleveland Ohio,
United States

World Usability Day 2022 Cleveland

World Usability Day is November 10, 2022. Join the Uxibility team celebrates World Usability Day! World Usability was established to bring together the community of usability professionals to focus on the goal of providing services and products that are more usable and easier to use. On a single day every year, UX organizations put on events to celebrate, inspire and educate on how usability impacts our daily lives.

This year, Uxibility is excited to announce we will be putting on a World Usability Day conference.

Who Should Attend

Suggested audience: UX Novice to Intermediate Level



Welcome: 8:45 am EST

  • World Usability Day introductions

Session 1: 9:00 am EST

Lisa D. Dance – “Unusable”: Time Theft & Financial Peril from Ineffective Technology

  • Whether it’s the endless spinning icon that shows a transaction hasn’t gone through or the inflexible automated phone systems that demands obedience, but offers no options for a particular issue, ineffective and poorly executed technology compromises customers’ time, money, and patience. Learn how to apply the “3Q-Do No Harm Framework” to proactively identify and mitigate problems before a product, service or technology causes harm.

Session 2: 10:00 pm EST

Krista Lipps – Doctors and UXers are people, too.

  • Physicians and other healthcare professionals can be challenging to recruit for research. Discover how to adapt your approach to unique audiences and learn some tips for taking care of yourself along the way.

Session 3: 11:00 pm EST

Anna Abovyan – Nudges, Sludges, and Other Notifications

  • Alert fatigue is real, and notification effectiveness rates are abysmal. This talk will propose a more nuanced and respectful approach to guiding user’s behavior through nudging.

Break:12:00 pm EST

Session 4: 1:00 pm EST

Deb O’Malley – Best practices on A\B testing in Healthcare

  • Discover examples of A/B testing and what you can do to improve them

Session 5: 2:00 pm EST

Andy Rusnak – Customer Service’s Role in UX

  • The majority of your customer’s interactions occur with your organization’s customer service roles. In many organizations, these roles are underutilized and undervalued. This presentation will provide a discussion on how to use customer service to help improve UX for your products.

Wrap Up: 3:00 pm EST

  • Thank you



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