User Experience for Change Managers

User Experience for Change Managers

Hosted by ACMP Greater Philadelphia

November 11, 2021

User Experience for Change Managers

Hosted by ACMP Greater Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

November 11, 2021
12:00 - 13:00
How to Attend
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User Experience for Change Managers

Hosted by ACMP Greater Philadelphia

Your change management projects have always been about people, but as you facilitate more and more digital transformation, it may seem like the technology is all that matters. To counter that, your colleagues are talking about “user experience”, UI/UX, usability, and design thinking, new and interesting concepts to you. 

Some things you are hearing just seem like new names for familiar change management terms, tools, and approaches. At an organizational level, you already engage stakeholders and develop a shared vision. At an individual level, you already take into account human biases, motivations, and behaviors. 

What is new and different about this thing called “User Experience”?

We will talk about user experience from 4 different perspectives and how change management relates to each.

  • Impressions people get when interacting with technology
  • Activities we do to define, design, and deliver good experiences
  • Management of customer and employee experiences
  • Disciplines and fields of study that make up the “UX profession”

We hope that this introduction to User Experience will help you evolve your practices in a world where digital experiences are driving change.

Details on how to register: TBD.

Organizer: The Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) – Greater Philadelphia is a diverse network of local practitioners, professionals, and leaders dedicated to advancing the discipline and creating a thriving change community.

Who Should Attend

The presentation is geared for change practitioners who are interested in user experience. The session is only available to ACMP Philadelphia members.


Keith Instone is a Research Analyst focused on Digital Experiences at Stratascale, an IT consulting company. He has been a user experience practitioner for 25 years, as an independent consultant and at IBM. In 2007, he attended the Nexus for Change conference at BGSU, his first of several instances of change management interloping.


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