November 12, 2020
18:00 - 20:30
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CPHUX has teamed up with Advice to host World Usability Day with the 2020 theme Human-Centered AI.

We’ve gathered the cream of Danish AI and zoomed in on UX and making sure the AI is Human-Centered.


18.00-18:15 Introduktion

18:15-18:35 AI for Healthcare – Lars Maaløe from Corti

Lars will introduce Corti’s use-case with Copenhagen Emergency Medical Services (Copenhagen EMS), and how Corti was able to assist Copenhagen EMS in detecting out-of-hospital cardiac arrest both faster, and more accurately. Additionally, Lars will discuss how Corti is moving into other healthcare sectors, and how voice-based AI can be applied across all patient consultations.

18:35-18:55 Aligning the team on where to start an AI project – Mike Brandt from 33A

Finding alignment in an organization on where to start and roll out AI application in an organization is often a challenge. I will share our experience with the AI Design Sprint™.

18:55-19:05 Pause

19:05-19:25 AI Ethics and Explainability – Rasmus Hauch from

When results from AI are presented to humans, how can we ensure trust and understanding. Through Theory and Practical Examples, he will go through what it means to build a great UX for AI Applications.

19:25-19:45 The future of emotional AI – Jonas Fritsch from ITU

19:45-20:30 Panel, incl. QA


Lars Maaløe

CTO and co-founder at Corti

Lars Maaløe is co-founder and CTO of Corti, a voice-based digital assistant powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, capable of understanding patients talking in natural language. In the past, Maaløe has worked with various tech companies such as Apple. Maaløe holds a Ph.D. in Machine Learning from the Technical University of Denmark. He was nominated Ph.D. of the year by the department for Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and has published at the world’s highest-impact machine learning venues. His primary domain of expertise is utilizing deep neural networks to understand highly complex data sources, such as audio and images.

Mike Brandt

Author, lecturer, co-founder, AI Designer at 33A

Designer for emerging technology with nine years of experience, from lecturing, leading teams in companies, to leading a design tech firm. Known for AI transformation of businesses, developing easy design processes, and turning people into being self-confident with technology, especially AI. Designer with infectious energy.

Rasmus Hauch

CTO at

Rasmus is a CTO at working with customers and clients in Europe, Asia and US on implementation of Trustworthy and Transparent AI Solutions and Applications. Rasmus is a active member of defining IEC/ISO standards within AI + Working with EU on building guidelines and legislation on Trustworthy AI + Lead partner in EU funded project on Governance on Distruptive Technologies called ETAPAS. Rasmus have working with IT and Data for the last 20 years, background in Engineering and Computer Science. Long history in IBM and have been working with and for global companies in Utility, Energy, Telecom, Healthcare/LifeScience, Finance, Transport, Public etc..

Jonas Fritsch

Associate Professor in Interaction Design, IT University of Copenhagen



Where will the webinar happen? 

We will be using Zoom for this event, you can participate both via your phone or your computer. If you’re using your phone, make sure to download the app before the event. You will receive the link to zoom in your confirmation email.

What if I can’t make it?

You can refund your ticket from the confirmation email from Ticketbutler.

Can I get the recording/slides afterward?

Yes, all of our members have access to our Webinar Library, which will be uploaded shortly after the event.

If the speaker permits, we will send the slides to all participants. It will also be attached to the webinar in our library.



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Human-Centered AI in a world of UX // UX Talk

Date and time12 November 2020, 18:00 – 20:30

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