Usability Beyond Computers


Make Yourself Useful Internal Redesign Event: Usability Beyond Computers

Submitted by Dani Nordin

  • Redesign an important form – Choose a form (electronic or paper) and ask employees to help redesign it. Do a “lobby card sort” with cards or Post-Its or ask employees to highlight important fields with a marker. Choose the parking application, a health insurance explanation of benefits, the pay and benefits statement, or other “troublesome” form.
  • Revise signage in your building – Post new signage for the day. Make sure employees understand the connection to World Usability Day by staffing a table in the lobby and soliciting feedback on the new signage.

How can I get people involved and share what we learn?


Give every participant something for helping. Even an apple or a roll of mints shows appreciation.

Report Your Findings

Photograph the event if you can. Document your findings. E-mail a summary (with pictures) to your web team; the head of human resources; the agency head–and employees. Ask for follow-up.

Inspired by an event held in multiple locations in 2006, led by a team in Washington DC, USA.