Stockholm, Sweden 2018


Stockholm, Sweden

How can we ensure that our products and services are good and avoid them being evil? Where does our experience of a service or product begin? In what contexts has evil design been developed? When do we really design good things? Is it enough with the intention that we are developing/implementing good design? And when do we create real value for the target groups and our customers?

This conference will highlight different parts of the design process in the production of products and services. We are having lectures and workshops the whole day. We’ll review Work Methods, Digital design, Predictive Analysis, Test, UX Design and Strategy. If you want you can participate in the workshop “Design your business”, you can also try Tobii’s latest Eyetracking products. Or, try the tools you can use in your organization to collect feedback using Usabilla.

Join us as we explore the secrets of great UX within large organizations and innovative companies and why they are doing Good vs. Evil.

Our keynote speaker is Pamela Pavliscak who will speak about “How to Create a Future with Feeling”. We have started to release our other speakers and the last speakers will be announced shortly, same goes for the schedule. We’ll have limited spots so get your ticket now! Pamela will also have a workshop on the 7th called Emotionally Intelligent Design.

Visit STHLM Xperience Conference for the full speakers list and schedule.

Odenplan 7A
Odengatan 65
Stockholm, Sweden 11322