Cleveland, OH 2018


UXPA Cleveland

A product’s design can be clear or confusing; fun or frustrating; helpful or harmful. As user experience professionals, we help determine a person’s interaction with and reaction to the technology, products and services they use each day.

But a well-designed product doesn’t just happen. It involves research, planning, design and development. It recognizes that every user is unique, while also knowing a common thread among most people exists.

Our work often happens behind the scenes, but the results are front and center. So, will our work enlighten or endanger its users? Will our designs improve lives or make them more difficult? Will our products and projects be a force for good—or for evil?

Join us as we explore this topic during our full day conference. To register and view the full details and speakers, please visit

The Foundry
1831 Columbus Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44113