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Inclusion Through User Experience - St. Louis

World Usability Day St. Louis
November 9th, 4pm Central Standard Time, in-person and online webcast.
Hosted by 1904labs
Sponsored by Optimal Workshop and Trailnet

All HCD/UX/Usability professionals and friends, join us for a series of panels and demos addressing the theme of inclusion in the design of the user experience.

This is a free event, held at the offices of 1904labs. It will also be webcast live!

In-person: 20 S Sarah St, St Louis, MO 63108-2819, United States please RSVP at https://www.facebook.com/groups/WorldUsabilityDaySTL/

Online: the webcast video will stream on the main page for World Usability Day STL. Here's a link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WorldUsabilityDaySTL/

This will be an interactive webcast. Send your thoughts & questions for the segments via Facebook comments on the World Usability Day St. Louis page or tag us on Twitter. Our Twitter handle is @UsabilityDaySTL -

Here's the lineup:
4p-5p CST
Where the Sidewalk Ends: Usability and the Street
Walk through a St. Louis neighborhood with us as we conduct a "walk audit," evaluating the walkability and ease of access on a typical urban street. Walk audit sponsored by Trailnet.
Led by Rebecca Nathanson & Grace Kyung

5p-6p CST
IEP (Individual Education Program) as a Tool for Inclusion - a Service Design Approach
This segment will explore using service design methods to help IEP teams develop an IEP that meets the needs of students and the school system.
Led by Brett Miller, Eva Tucker, and Anita Fitzwater-Stevens

6p-7p CST
Social Media for Social Change
Social Media for Social Change
Discuss the many issues surrounding the use of social media for social change. Panelists include Bronwyn Ritchie, Jon Ziegler (aka Rebelutionary_Z), Darian Wigfall, and LaShell Eikerenkoetter.
Led by Martha Valenta and Carol Righi

Webcast: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WorldUsabilityDaySTL
Follow us on Twitter: @usabilitydaystl

Visit Optimal Workshop's WUD page: http://go.optimalworkshop.com/world-usability-day-2017

How to Spot, Attract and Hire Great UX Talent

Why is it so hard to find UX talent for your team? Poorly written job descriptions are partly to blame. It seems no one can agree on titles and what it means to be a UX professional, including those in the industry. And it’s a problem — for hiring managers and job seekers — who waste hours weeding through irrelevant resumes or employment ads to find the talent or opportunities they seek.

Join The Creative Group, UXPA and guest panelists for a webinar on World Usability Day 2016, where you’ll learn:

BankOpening Banking Platform Launch

Bankopening is pleased to invite you to an event organized to celebrate the launch of this cutting-edge platform which is bound to revolutionize the ways in which UK consumers look for information about local branches of their banks. Bankopening is launched with a unique goal in mind – helping consumers to quickly and easily find crucial data about their banks. The team behind Bankopening will provide a short introduction to the many functionalities of the platform, showing why Bankopening is the go-to place for any kind of bank-related inquiry.

The Usability People - Innovation in Healthcare User Experience

Usability in Healthcare can save lives

We will be presenting several of the innovative interaction patterns designed and developed by several of our past and current clients. 

We are excited to be able to present both online and live in our office  a showcase of innovation in Healthcare User Experience.

See our thought leadership on Usability and User Experience at:


Día Mundial de la Usabilidad UANL 2014

2014: El año del involucramiento.
La experiencia del Usuario se trata del involucramiento. La tecnología, los productos y servicios brindados, son fáciles de usar cuando se involucra en su diseño a las personas.
En este año debemos pensar de forma diferente, sin olvidar la innovación.
¿Cómo hacer que la gente utilice productos y servicios tecnológicos? ¿Qué tipo de tendencia de diseño se tiene que adecuar para mantener a las personas involucradas?
¿Podemos incluir a personas para ayudar a cambiar las cosas que no funcionan bien?
La respuesta a éstas y otras preguntas las encontrarás en las pláticas de nuestros conferencias internacionales en la edición Webminar de este año.

Free Webinar: 12 Strategies for Improving User Engagement

Free webinar for WUD 2014! (Seminar regular value is $129)

How do you keep your users attention on your screen or page? What is your user experience approach to engaging new audiences vs existing customers? How do users end up spending time on your site or keep your app on their smartphone? What makes users come back? What steers users to discover vital content, features and functionality?


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