Evaluating the usability of public transport symbols

Via our development blog and our Social Media channels, we're communicating a survey for our users and everyday commuters in the region to engage in. We don't want to build tomorrows innovations on assumptions from yesterday. Therefore we are looking for our users reflections on the current symbols and icons used in our travel planning services. Nothing engages our users more than the topic of traffic information.

Big Studio & #WUD2014

In the spirit of this year’s WUD engagement theme, Big Studio is inviting Twitter friends to retweet and follow for a chance to win an expert review of their digital product. Winners will be drawn at random on November 13th, 2014 and contacted through Twitter to receive a holistic evaluation of their digital product accompanied by a virtual or in-person review session.


Montrealers & Engagement

To celebrate World Usability Day 2014, the year of engagement, we took to the streets of Montreal to ask people what keeps them engaged with their devices and loyal to a brand. We decided to show the collected data in a visual manner in the form of a fun and quick video.

Join us at our  INM head office to be part of the video unveiling and to find out how Montrealers perceive engagement with their devices and with the brands they use every day.

Happy World Usability Day from INM.

Engaging with World Usability Day at HIMSS

Thursday, November 13th is World Usability Day. This year’s theme is engagement, and HIMSS is engaging with the HIMSS community to discuss usability & UX solutions that they can put to use today at their own organizations. The 2014/15 HIT Usability Committee has put together videos discussing how they are engaging with solutions on World Usability Day. We will be driving the HIMSS community to engage with the committee and community through the HIMSS social media channels, including submitting reply videos to the committee members and participate in online discussions on the HIMSSBlog and HIMSS LinkedIn Group page.


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