Full Day Event

An event that lasts for an entire day.

WUD Trójmiasto 2015 Innovation

World Usability Day is an international series of conferences dedicated to usability and user experience. This year it's taking place in 25 countries, including Poland. Tricity's edition is the first and largest event of this kind in northern Poland.

Last year's WUD Trójmiasto collected more than 250 people from across the Poland, who participated in workshops and were being lectured by experienced practitioners. All enthusiasts learnt about UX, other issues and had fun at the after party.

Usability and Innovation


1. Usability questions of the user-centered product design? (Dr. Edit Német - Adjunct, - Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Ergonomics and Psychology)

2. The usability through the eyes of a "lay" users (Dr. Valter Papp - Managing Director, CEcertiso Ltd.)

3. Better, if you prepare - Released the new usability engineering standards (Attila Juhász - Head of Medical Devices Division, SAASCO Ltd.)

4. User interface of military equipment (Innovative solutions) (László Kerekes - Quality Expert, SAASCO Ltd.)

Sabre's 10th WUD Event

Sabre will host it's 10th World Usability Day event with demonstrations and workshops during the day for employees.

In the evening, all are welcome to mix and mingle at Sabre. UX professionals will be on hand for lively discussions and our usability labs will be open for tours.

More details to come...

Usability Day 2015, Tehran

Keynote Speakers:
Shahin Tabary
Nasrolah Jahangard
Dr. Khansari

Shahin Tabary, Chargoon
Arash Motamedi, Microsoft
Mohamadreza Mohamadali, Tisa Interactive
Alireza Nikookar, Ghyas
Parham Baghestani, Tisa Interactive
Asma Karoobi, Digikala
Mohammadjafar Kermanpour, Upward
Shahbaz Tavakoli, Chargoon
Alireza Eliadrani, Sarina
Sepide Gheysar, Pichak
Payam Shakibafar, Digikala
Elham Alvandi, Digikala

WUD Torino 2015 | Keep on innovating

Innovation is a continuous process that entails change and progress. Anything that transforms and improves processes and conditions, solves problems and needs and inspires new visions is innovation.
The word meaning itself evolves, according to the Zeitgest and epochal changes that it represents, from industrialization, to the information society, to the social era.


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