Full Day Event

An event that lasts for an entire day.

World Usability Day 2015 @ vTitan

A full day event having brainstorming sessions on how critical Usability is in Medical Device Design Development followed up with an open contest to all employees on writing what innovation mean to them and what they have done innovative in their area of expertise that has reflected in some improvement of the product being developed by us. At the end of the day the winning entries were selected and prizes were given out. 

Workshops WUD@ITMO

7 ноября Университет ИТМО совместно с Таллинским университетом и сообществом UX-SPb проводит мастер-классы и воркшопы, на которых участники смогут на практике познакомиться с методами решения задач по проектированию и тестированию пользовательских интерфейсов:
1) «Универсальный дизайн» — Владимир Томберг, профессор Таллинского университета (Эстония); Дарья Токранова, графический дизайнер и проектировщик UX, владелец CatsuTheCat.com (Эстония);
2) «Процесс проектирования интерфейсов „на пальцах“» — Никита Ефимов, руководитель отдела разработки интерфейсов, Селектел;

Clemson World Usability Day

The Clemson University chapter of the Society for Technical Communication will host World Usability Day on Friday, November 13, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m in the 1941 Studio for Student Communication on the first floor of Daniel Hall. Breakfast will be provided at 9:30 a.m., and snacks will be provided in the afternoon. Guest speakers include: 

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Indiana UXPA presents World Usability Day 2015

The theme this year is Innovation. In user experience innovation is all about solving problems by creating a new way for people to interact with the products and services that surround them everyday.

2015 is the Ten Year Anniversary for World Usability Day.

Over the last 10 years, the Indiana UXPA chapter has been involved with local UX professionals, students, educators, and companies to build a community of UX thought leaders in Indiana. We are celebrating 10 years of sharing the message that user experience is a critical part of making any technology solution successful.


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