Full Day Event

An event that lasts for an entire day.

WUD 2016 Oulu

SIGCHI Finlandin Maailman käytettävyyspäivän tapahtuma järjestetään Oulussa 10.11.
Tilaisuus on ilmainen, mutta siihen tulee ilmoittautua alla olevasta linkistä

12th World Usability Day Berlin - Sustainability

Join us on November 10th at Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin to participare in our exciting 12th World Usability Day!

This year it is all about usability, user experience, and sustainability!10 speeches and 2 interesting key notes will take a closer look at the interdependencies of Usability, User Experience and Sustainability.

For more information about our event, call for submissions and sponsoring opportunities visit our website www.wud-berlin.de

Admission is free.

World Usability Day: Free Virtual UX Evaluation w/ Limina

We're excited to participate in World Usability Day 2016 - Sustainable [Green] UX. In fact, we're so excited that we decided to commit the whole World Usability Day, Thursday, November 10th to provide FREE User Experience evaluations on your organization's products or websites. We plan on having at least two of Limina.co's user experience experts during each virtual session to provide you a thorough evaluation.

Live User Tests WUD 2016 - 2nd edition

Thursday 10th Novembre from 10:00 AM till 10:00 PM !
@LaFrenchTechRennesStMalo in Rennes, Brittany, France
organized by Le Réseau des E-commerçants, UX Rennes & LunaWeb
sponsored by La French Tech Rennes St Malo & Digital Campus

- Live User Tests up to 40 websites and applications open free to public
- UX design workshops to improve e-commerce websites
- UX Deiz experts conferences lead by UX Rennes, LunaWeb, Dareboost and Testapic

Come and have fun with us :-)

WUD Milan

Sustainability and UX design are innately intertwined since they are both about creating the best experience for people. Green processes and sustainable products take into account goals such as recycle, reuse and incremental improvement. It’s about taking existing products and services and developing ways to refine and redesign them to be more effective, efficient and reusable in ways that enhance a person’s life.


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