Full Day Event

An event that lasts for an entire day.

World Usability Day Boston 2009

Designing for a Sustainable World shows how usability can apply to all of what we do and build.  We look at all products and services – buildings, roads, or consumer products; business services or healthcare systems – throughout their life cycle.  The impact focuses on our environment – energy, water, soil, and more.  Are they user and environmentally friendly?  These are questions we all must consider as we design, purchase, use, and dispose of products each and every day.

World Usability Day Boston 2007

Good usability in healthcare can mean the difference between life and death.  Whether it’s new medical devices or technologies; drug research, approval, or delivery; patient forms or medical record sharing; emergency disaster planning; increasing the functionality of hospitals; or everyday healthcare delivery, everyone is affected by usability in healthcare. 

The First World Usability Day

World Usability Day was started in November 2005 so we could change the world.  Each of us can make a difference, whether we are developers or consumers, our actions shape our world.

A humanistic approach to technology development can help to steer us in a positive direction. User centered design and development puts people first.  When products and services are developed to enhance our lives, help us do our work more efficiently, and add enjoyment, everyone can benefit.

WUD Silesia 2010

The main idea of ​​this year's World Usability Day is "Communication".

Speaking of communication, we may be referring to both public transport, Internet access, as well as an ad in the newspaper, or talking over coffee. This is how we live, dress up, listen to music which is also the "messages" sent by us to the world. Communication has many faces, but it should be a fundamental feature of accessibility and usability.

WUD Silesia 2012

World Usability Day will be taking place in Silesia for the third time already. The Conference’s program includes specialist lectures and workshops led by experts from Poland, France and UK, morning presentations “for the beginners”, exhibition of good design practices and… as always something extra.

WUD Silesia 2013

WUD Silesia is a non-profit, educational event devoted to the issue of UX/Usability. It has taken place in Silesia since 2010. The aim of WUD Silesia is to promote the concept of the knowledge of usable products and service design.

On the conference agenda, there are specialist workshops and lectures delivered by experts from home and abroad, who will share their practical knowledge and talk about best practices of designing for Healthcare. WUD Silesia is also something more than a conference…


WUD na Pradze

Again this year, we invite you to Warsaw installment of World Usability Day

The program includes: six presentations and three workshops of experts from business and academia. The conference is interdisciplinary and is aimed at professionals in the interactive industry, students and all those who are interested in the issues of usability, interaction design and user experience.

Admission is free. Advance registration is required. More information will follow soon.

WUD WRO 2013

World Usability Day in a fresh, extremely practical form! A whole day of creating UX strategy and design concept for a healthcare product. We're starting off with an inspiring overview of healthcare problems and an overview of fascinating healthcare solutions. After getting to know practical UX techniques (persona, design studio, business model canvas, user scenarios - to name just a few) teams of 7 will be creating their own user friendly products, with the help of 12 UX mentors. A whole day of WUD WRO will be wrapped up with short presentations of the projects.


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