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Thursday November 8, 2018 THEME will be announced soon!

The world is changing and the climate of well-balanced and open society is not as prevalent as many of us would like. Technology is developing alongside new political changes. This year, 2017 is a pivotal moment in history and we can help shape the course of events by the work we do.

Well-designed user experiences allow for the uniqueness of people’s different strengths and believe to co-exist in a place of similarity and common ground. Tools and technologies that embrace similarities to tap into the potential of all people creates conditions that promote people to be their best selves, to cultivate and nurture people will produce better outcomes in all we do.

Poorly designed systems create an atmosphere of confusion as people try to figure out how to perform simple tasks that have not been design with the user in mind. In the worst cases, poorly designed technology can produce information and results that is not accurate, further adding to the notion of systems being rigged and information being portrayed as false.

User Experience designers and researching can impact the course of events by creating technology, products and services that are inclusive at their core.

Some relevant topics for this theme are:
• Universal Design: Creating technology and products that work for everyone
• Accessibility
• Create more usable government websites
• Artificial intelligent (AI) systems supporting global inclusion
o AI systems to protect against bullying
• Empathy as a part of collaboration
• Social Change through Social Media
• Unity through Social Change
• Unity is inclusion
• Change through Inclusion
• Inclusion through Collaboration
• Global User Experience as a path towards inclusion

OHO Interactive

OHO Interactive creates exceptional web experiences that engage and inspire users, drive business metrics and impact the bottom line. We've worked with clients in higher education, technology, and healthcare, and we're eager to work with you.

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2013: Healthcare—Collaborating for Better Systems

The importance of user-centered design in healthcare is truly life or death. Whether it's new medical devices or technologies; drug research, approval or delivery; patient forms or medical record sharing; emergency disaster planning or increasing the functionality of hospitals and everyday healthcare delivery, everyone is affected in some way by the intersection of usability in healthcare. There are many commonalities, yet each region of the world faces its own set of unique challenges. We believe that focusing World Usability Day 2013 on healthcare will create a stronger awareness of these issues and lead to initiative that have long term impact on the quality of everyone's life.


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