The Smartest Clothes are the Most Usable Ones

In high school, some students are quick to make a distinction between being book-smart and street-smart. The students that are book-smart are generally those who thrive academically – able to memorize endless math formulas or analyze passages of the most advanced literary works. Conversely, the kids with street smarts are able to approach real life problems, take a step back, and adapt to come up with the best solution to have them come out on top.

Many of the recent innovations in clothing design have centered on smart technology – transforming the clothes we wear into vessels for data collection. If smart clothing were to be anthropomorphized and placed into a school setting, they would definitely be considered to have book smarts.

Bentley User Experience Center

The User Experience Center (UXC) at Bentley University is a global consulting group that provides user experience research, design, and strategy services. We offer our clients design solutions based on a unique combination of in-depth industry expertise and scientific rigor. Since its foundation in 1999, the UXC has helped hundreds of clients around the world understand their users’ needs and how those needs can be met by intuitive, effective and engaging design.

WUD on Earth

Just as Earth Day celebrates and brings awareness to a better, more sustainable world, World Usability Day celebrates successful user experience, bringing awareness to holistic solutions to create a better world.

Social Networking in Health Care Part II: Managing Trust in Peer to Peer Support Groups on Social Networks

by Marc Resnick, Professor of Human Factors at Bentley University

As I concluded in Part I, there is nothing that can destroy the value of a peer to peer support group faster than harmful information, exploitive behavior, and disrespectful interactions. Once inaccurate information or negative interactions begin to spread across a network, they are difficult to stop. It is critical to prevent them from gaining any traction, usually through the presence of moderators with the authority to intervene when necessary.


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