Plan an Event

Be a Part of World Usability Day

Do you have an annual World Usability Day event you want to share? Do you want to create your first World Usability Day event, but need inspiration and guidance? Join our passionate group of volunteers, sponsors and independent organizations around the world who create and host events. (For some guidance on planning your first event, read an article on World Usability Day event planning written by community member Keita Wangari.)

Step 1. List your event

Add your event to our database of upcoming and archived World Usability Day events. Be sure to list yourself as the organizer of the event, and give a detailed address for the event's location. You can also add any external websites, Twitter or Facebook accounts related to the event. Note: only World Usability Day Community Members can list events on the website. If you aren't yet a member of the community, learn more at our "Join the Community" page.

Step 2. Get planning

Once you have your event listed, it's time to get planning. If you need inspiration for your event's activities, take a look at our events database, or take a look at our list of inspirations.

Step 3. Hold your event

When World Usability Day arrives, have fun! Enjoy celebrating with your attendees and colleagues.

Step 4. Update your listing with photos and video

When the event is over, come back and update your event listing with photos and video from the event.

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