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World Usability Day is a large global organization that attracts a highly qualified audience of usability enthusiasts comprised of designers, developers, strategists, IT specialists, content managers, marketers, and more.  Our work is stronger through the support of our sponsors.

There are several ways to sponsor World Usability Day. Pick the best choice from the sponsorship levels below or send us an email to customize the right sponsorship opportunity for you! 

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Hep us make the world better. Join our community. In order to register your event, you will first need to create an account. This will allow you to organize events and be an active part of the World Usability Day community.


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Do you have an annual World Usability Day event you want to share? Do you want to create your first World Usability Day event, but need inspiration and guidance? Join our passionate group of volunteers, sponsors and independent organizations around the world who create and host events.

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Every citizen on our planet has the right to usable products and services, and we need your help to spread the message and make the necessary changes.

The time is right, the interest is here. ‘User friendly’ is a common and understandable term; people understand that the world should work well. Now, we have to encourage them to take the message to the streets and say, “We will not stand for it anymore; we want our world to be usable.”