Get Inspired

Want to put on a World Usability Day event, but not sure where to start? Below is a list of great events that follow the universal theme of usability. Want to add your own inspiration? Get started now! 

"Make Yourself Useful" Internal Redesign Event: Usability Beyond Computers

  • Redesign an important form - Choose a form (electronic or paper) and ask employees to help redesign it. Do a "lobby card sort" with cards or Post-Its or ask employees to highlight important fields with a marker. Choose the parking application, a health insurance explanation of benefits, the pay and benefits statement, or other "troublesome" form.

  • Revise signage in your building - Post new signage for the day. Make sure employees understand the connection to World Usability Day by staffing a table in the lobby and soliciting feedback on the new signage.

"Make Yourself Useful" Internal Design Event: Improve Your Intranet

  • Re-architect your agency's Intranet homepage - The Intranet is often the ugly stepdaughter of websites; it never gets asked to the ball. On copies of the Intranet Home Page, ask employees to highlight or write in the three areas they find most useful. Have them scratch out areas they never use.
  • Create personas for your Intranet - Ask employees to complete a simple demographic survey so you have a better idea of who your typical users are and what they need.

"Make Yourself Useful" Internal Design Event: Assess the Usability of Your Agency's Public Website

  • How usable is your website? - Take the Usability I.Q. Test and rate your site against the top 25 usability guidelines to see how it stacks up.

  • Usability for $1.98 - Using a laptop or paper prototype, conduct a "usability-study-on-the-cheap" in the lobby or cafeteria of your building. Ask users to find the three most important items on your website.

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