Get Inspired

Want to put on a World Usability Day event, but not sure where to start? Below is a list of great events that follow the universal theme of usability. Want to add your own inspiration? Get started now! 

World Usability Day on the Streets

The tagline for World Usability Day is ‘Making Life Easy’. Take stickies, candy, a mobile white board, and a mobile device to a public location. Ask passers-by to fill in the following blanks and tweet their responses as the responses come in.

My __________ makes my life easier because _________________________.

Inspired by an event held in 2011 in Toronto, Canada.

Video Contest: Everyday Usability Troubles

Award prizes for videos made of people who are having trouble handling some sort of interface (machine, robot, computer, remote control, car, etc.) or who face problems or barriers in an everyday situation due to bad usability. Videos can be turned in from all over the world. Videos should be submitted to a predetermined YouTube group. 

Winning videos will be chosen based on user comments and ratings and the evaluation of a professional jury. Winners will be notified via their YouTube ID and asked for contact information. 

Trivia Contest

Whether you're a UX novice, expert practitioner, or anywhere in-between, this is a chance to have fun, engage in good-natured competition, and learn a few things to boot. Simply get together a team of 3-6 people, or join a pick-up team there, and give it a shot. 

Inspired by an event held in 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Global Online Card Sort

The online card sort will be done by participants around the world, either individually or in groups. Participants can be part of the organizing committee or participate in the card sort.

At the end of World Usability Day, the global responses can be aggregated into a set of results that can be analyzed to look at regional, cultural, and other demographic differences. The knowledge gained from the responses will be shared with the usability community.

Inspired by an event held online in 2006, led by team in Boulder, Colorado, USA. 

Giveaway: Chocolates and World Usability Day Insight

This activity raises awareness of usability and user experience to the general public. 

Find a location with pedestrian traffic and give away cards with chocolates. Explain the topics of usability and user experience on the cards and include the URL of World Usability Day. 

Inspired by an event held in 2006 in a train station in Zug, Switzerland.

Contest: Worst User Experience Meltdown

Share a story about a user experience meltdown and how it could have been avoided. The meltdown can be experienced personally or one that you witnessed in a major public website. Stories should be submitted to a specified online forum. Winning stories will be posted on the organization's website. Stories should not contain any confidential or proprietary information.

Stories will be judged on this criteria:

Contest: World's Best Expert Reviewer

Are you the world's best Expert Reviewer? Find out by participating in this competition!

Expert reviewers (or heuristic evaluators) claim to be experts without quantitative proof. A heuristic skill assessment called Heuristic Evaluation Quality Score (HEQS) was introduced earlier this year and published in the Journal of Usability Studies (Feb 2007, Volume 2, Issue 2).

All participants will be provided a website to review and the review will be judged quantitatively using the criteria specified under HEQS. The person who has the most points will be awarded a cash prize. 

Contest: Photo Tagging

Award prizes to the most interesting pictures posted to flickr which present usability in an unexpected way. These pictures can be of a product or object or...whatever. Just something that either never works the way you expect or something that always exceeds your expectations. After the posting period closes, host an event where the photos are reviewed and the prizes are awarded.

Inspired by an event held in 2005 in North Carolina, USA.