World Usability Day at LexisNexis

Each year for the past eight years, the LexisNexis/Elsevier groups have hosted the tri-state WUD and you are invited to attend and enjoy this year’s sessions.

Event Location:

All session will be held in Building 4 auditoriums on the LexisNexis Miamisburg Campus (9443 Springboro Pike, Miamisburg).

Please enter the front of Building 4 and check in with the guard. Greeters will sign you in and escort you to the auditoriums. (Note: You will not be able to enter through any other entrances and will need to present an official government ID or passport to gain entry to our facilities.)

Please RSVP to Kara Lock ( to let us know if you want to join us for lunch and which sessions you plan on attending.

Event Schedule:

  • 9-10am, AUD 1&2 - Innovation Games - Sock it to healthcare!
  • 10-11am, AUD 1&2 - Telepathy: Building a Smarter Search
  • 10-11am, AUD 3 - Dealing with Challenging Stakeholders
  • 11-noon, AUD 1&2 - The 5 Minute Flash
  • Noon-1pm, AUD 3 - Catered lunch and networking opportunities
  • 1-2pm, AUD 1&2 - Innovation Games - Sock it to healthcare!
  • 2-3pm, AUD 1&2 - How to enhance the Usability of Healthcare Information using a Knowledge-Mining System
  • 2-3pm, AUD 3 - The Programmable Internet of Things
  • 3-4pm, AUD 1&2 Why Doesn’t Accessibility Matter?
  • 3-4pm, AUD 3 - Workshop: Improving the sharability and longevity of user research findings
  • 4-5pm, AUD 1&2, 3 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Emily Patterson (Ohio State University College of Medicine)
  • Electronic Health Records: A Rapidly Moving Target in Health Informatics

We look forward to seeing you, your friends and colleagues at this year’s WUD! If you have any questions, please feel free to email Kara Lock (, the event chair.

Remember to RSVP for each event you plan to attend so that your name is included on the list of attendees!

2013 WUD Committee

  • Kara Lock, 2013 WUD Chair
  • Cynthia Dunlevy, Chair Communications
  • Barbara Bruns, Member
  • Brent Homan, Member
  • Chris Jasek, Member
  • Doug Gardner, Member
  • June Doyal, Member
  • Terri Graham, Member
  • Tom Noonan, Member
  • Tonya Johnson, Member
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