Healthcare: Collaborating for Better Systems

Please join us on Tuesday, November 19th at 6:00pm in the Healthcare Simulation Lab (room A134) for light refreshments, followed by a live demonstration of human patient simulators in action at 6:30. The demonstration will show how simulation technology has translated from aviation to healthcare and is helping us train better prepared healthcare professionals.

Following the demonstration, we will move to room C346 where Dr. Glen Geiger, CMIO of The Ottawa Hospital, will be discussing his quest to integrate next generation communication technologies into the daily workflows of healthcare professionals at The Ottawa Hospital. With an aim to improve healthcare professional efficiency and patient safety, mobile devices will be used to communicate with healthcare technology, other professionals, patients, and their loved ones to create an open and informed community.

Dr. Geiger’s presentation will be followed with informal networking in the Observatory, Algonquin College’s bar located near the Healthcare Simulation Lab.

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