Austin's World Usability Day

Before I announce our speaker, I want to encourage you to get involved that evening with us. Many of us frequently interact with health products and services, and we'd like to know more about your interactions. Over the next few weeks, think about something you use (a website, the Nike FuelBand, a food-tracking app, your electronic toothbrush) and what makes it highly usable or in need of a usability overhaul. We'll spend some time at the beginning of the night going around the room and sharing stories. Feel free to bring the product if you'd like!

Next, I'm thrilled to tell you that Mutual Mobile has offered to host us again (there will even be drinks). Thank you, Mutual Mobile!

Without further ado, I'm excited to share who our speaker will be.

Krishna "Billy" Brown, an experience designer for The Advisory Board, will present on the administration/business of healthcare via enterprise applications and the challenges with utilization and opportunities ahead.

Here is a place, she says, that can often feel very far away, strange if not medieval from the lean and clean design world of consumer product development. In this land there is a huge waterfall. Software lives above in a foreboding dark cloud. There are moats to jump across. Castle walls to scale. And then there is the dragon… the product development environment with years and years of UX debt breathing down on the masses protecting and amassing a mountain of gold. Appeasing this dragon by waving the sword of "UX" with the battle cry of "Users!" will get you burnt up. She'd like to share the tactics she used to survive this faraway place and tame the gold-loving dragon. These wins included discovering the "golden egg" - the one metric that matters, and finding the "pot of gold" - reducing operational costs while increasing user engagement.

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