WUD Milan Senza Barriere

Starting from this year global theme, “Inclusion through User Experience”, we named our edition "WUD Milan - No Boundaries".
The goal of the day is to create a moment during which valuable experiences will be shared and heterogonous situations will take place, in order to accomplish a dialog on themes apparently different but linked to the central idea: inclusivity in all its hues, helped by the latest information and communication technologies. 
Inspiring argues for the day are: 
• Accessibility as the main characteristic of universality for products and services.
• Virtual and mixed reality as tools to create inclusive experiences, otherwise impossible.
• Technology as mean to offer to everyone the same opportunity.
• Social media and mass media as viral loudspeakers of knowledge and social awareness.
• Inclusivity as benefit engine both in company and in business.
• Fashion and sport as change agents of traditional standards of beauty and performance.
• Artificial Intelligence to facilitate access to contents and services.
• Empathy as an engine for sensitization and inclusion between people and situations.
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