WUD Milan

WUD Milan

Sustainability and UX design are innately intertwined since they are both about creating the best experience for people. Green processes and sustainable products take into account goals such as recycle, reuse and incremental improvement. It’s about taking existing products and services and developing ways to refine and redesign them to be more effective, efficient and reusable in ways that enhance a person’s life.

The Italian variation of this theme, as we called "Sustainable Experiences - The Italian Way", aims to gather evidence relating to design experiences with and for people, particularly to those who, for personal, contextual  and cultural reasons, are disadvantaged. Information technology and communications are often, indeed, a way to involve those people in the social and economic life, on condition of being usable and accessible.

E-government, e-health, e-learning, e-participation platforms are considered new ways to deliver services which reduce both physical and social distances, with a subsequent impact on the "carbon footprint". 
"The Italian way" also means the birth of local initiatives and non-profit organizations with the aim of developing projects in contexts of marginalization and emergency. Those projects are generally aimed at categories of users, such as the elderly, children, people with disabilities, people in economic difficulty, often ignored in the design process.





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