SourceSeed Project: Nurturing the next generation material supply through human centered research

Join NYC UXPA  on Thursday, November 10th, to learn how SourceSeed has developed a platform to help individuals and organizations to make better choices when sourcing sustainable materials.
It all started with a question…. "How might we help designers make better choices on the materials they use?" From there Andrea and Antayra identified solutions that could be successfully transferred from one application to another. While considering every aspectof the product development process – design, material and manufacturing, business - to make sure they brought forward solutions that truly matter to the consumer and the brand. From this humble question, SourceSeed was born. 
SourceSeed gives designers access to an online platform that partners with global textile manufacturers and suppliers to provide curated sustainable and innovative materials. SourceSeed also provides offline consultations and email updates on new materials.

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