Photography Competition: Everyday Usability

The pedalec display shows not only remaining power, but the range that's usually more informative! #arjenkaytettavyys #everydayusability #example #wud

Have you noticed something in your everyday life that is especially easy to use, a thing or service? In- or outdoors? Physical or digital? Sustainable? Share a picture of it, and the joy of everyday usability, on Twitter or Instagram under the hashtag #arjenkaytettavyys (that’s Finnish for everydayusability). At the same time, you participate in our competition where winner gets glory, and movie tickets usable in Finland. Post your picture by 12:00 p.m. Eastern-European Time on World Usability Day 2016 and we will announce the winner later the same day. By participating you allow us to use the picture on social media in posts related to this competition.

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