Design Sprint: World Usability Day

About This Event

This year’s World Usability Day focuses on how UX and Sustainability impact each other. Our goal in this event will be to start a local conversation on how design thinking can help effect change meaningful change in the world.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with intertwined topics, specific programs, and groups of world citizens set to work through 2030, offer an opportunity to help “end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all”—while affording UX professionals to craft and expand our networks.

How can we, through the lens of User Experience Design, lower or remove barriers to adopting sustainable programs and behaviors?

Mini Design Sprint

We’ll engage in a mini design sprint, exploring ideation techniques for a given problem, including both individual and small groups exercises. We will document and share the evening’s results with the UXPA and UN SDG.


  • Participants will leave with a starter solution they can develop more fully
  • Participants will have a sense of the scope of UN SDGs
  • Participants will gain a sense of how different UX functional areas can contribute to the SDGs
  • Individuals and/or groups will be able to complete the full design process on their own

About the Instructors

Josefin Jansson Photo

UX Design Consultant,

Josefin Jansson is a freelance UX/UI Designer in San Francisco. Her background is in process improvements at Northern Europe’s largest telecom-provider Telia Company AB. Josefin has a Bachelors degree in Art History from Umea University, Sweden. She has also studied design in both Sweden and San Francisco. She graduated from General Assembly’s UXDI program in March of 2016. Since then Josefin has worked for various companies in the Bay Area.

Claudia Landivar-Cody Photo

User Experience Designer,
Spirit in Form

A graduate of General Assembly’s Winter 2016 UXD immersive, Claudia Landivar-Cody is a UX Research & Design freelancer in the SF Bay Area. With a background including technical communication, design, and cultural program management, Claudia seeks to use design thinking, empathetic listening and creative expression to change products, processes and experiences toward the better—and to help instill these notions more deeply into the world.