Cleveland Ohio World Usability Day 2016

WUD 2016 Agenda

World Usability Day 2016
A Day of UX Education & Training

The 11th annual World Usability Day (WUD) event will be celebrated globally on November 10, 2016. Programs will be organized in over 40 countries around the world, focusing on the theme of Sustainable [Green] UX. The Northeast Ohio chapter of the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA CLE) has been hosting a special event since 2005 for members and associated students, professionals and user advocates in the region. This year’s all-day event will be held again at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo - Stillwater Place. We listened to the suggestions of our UXPA members and past attendees and have created an awesome lineup this year! CooperHuman FactorsLeanDogDwellworks and The Refinery will be presenting on topics from strategy to creative ideation. 


  • Noah Schaffer, PhD, CUA, CXA Executive User Experience Strategist at Human Factors International

    Part 1 — This workshop will explore:
    - The Role of an Executive Champion
    - How to get that Executive Champion
    - The Culture of UX at your Company, and the Impact
      of the Executive Champion.

    Part 2 — This workshop will explore:
    - Managing and Maintaining the Support of your UX     Champion. 
    - Building UX Capabilities or doing more Business As    
      Usual UX Work
    - A Vision for a Mature UX Practice at your  

  • John Fischer, Vice President, Product Design & Innovation at Dwellworks
  • Matt Barcomb, Lean Dog
    TOPIC: Product Design & Organization:
    Two sides of the same coin
  • Nicholas Michel, Research & Customer Experience Senior Analyst at Precision Dialogue
    TOPIC: UX’s Greatest Hits (and Misses) Discovered by Eye Tracking and Emotional Testing Research
  • Josh Walsh, CEO at The Refinery 
    TOPIC: The Value System of Agile Design
  • Shannon McGarity, Director of UX at Cooper
    TOPIC: Leading Creative Ideation



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