WUD at ergoUX home

World Usability Day at ergoUX

Celebrate World Usability Day in the Home of ergoUX*

Come visit us and share with us your Usability and User Experience practices.

We will share our experience in FMH - Universidade de Lisboa

This event is also integrated in the celebration of 75 years of INEF-ISEF-FMH, University of Lisbon. The Faculty of Human Kinetics (FMH) offers a unique training in Portugal in Ergonomics. At the level of graduation (degree in Ergonomics), at postgraduate level (Master of Ergonomics with a speciality in Usability and UX,  and PhD in Ergonomics). Several professionals who works today in Portugal and abroad in the area of usi and ux started their training at FMH.


Part I - FMH Salão Nobre (14h:00 to 17h:00)

Our Master Students will talk about their experience in Usability and User Experience.

   - Tiago Oliveira - Back to the future of interfaces.

   - Lourenço Rodrigues and Ricardo Luiz - User First,  How UX works at OutSystems.

ELIP One innovative product, a bike with elliptical wheels will be presented.

Round table, where our speakers and two Professors from Master in Ergonomics - Usability and User Experience (Francisco Rebelo and Paulo Noriega), will talk with whoever wants to share experiences.

Part II - FMH Main Entrance (17:00 to 19:00)

Ubiquosity - Try a First Person Shooter virtual reality experience.

Look and try ELIP - A inovative byke with eliptical wheels

Try the tools we are using in the research of ErgoLab (ErgoVR Unity)

   - Travel in Virtual Reality with OculusRift

   - Interact experience with new Human-Computer interfaces:

    - Myo gesture control Armband, Leap Motion and NeuroSky - Brain Computer Interface

   - Discuss the usability and user experience issues of those tools with specialists.


*ergoUX is an annual event that take place in FMH - ULisboa and gather people from academy and companies researching and working in USI and UX.


Faculty of Human Kinetic
Universidade de Lisboa

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