World Usability Day 2015 - Miami

The 2015 World Usability Day event in Miami, FL is about bridging the gap between UX professionals and local technology startups and companies. We are offering networking, great speakers, free UX Mentor sessions, and facility tours of WAC Research, a nationally acclaimed research facility in Doral, FL.

  • Startups & Tech companies - want a free UX review of your product? Sign up!
  • Students / career changers - want to talk about career options and goals? Sign up!
  • UX Pros - want to network and give back to our local tech community as a mentor? Sign up! 


If you would like to sign up for a mentor session, please fill out this questionnaire so we can pair you and assign you a session.


The 2015 World Usability Day event is being put together by many people in the South Florida UX scene. Want to get involved and add your name?

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