Usability and Innovation


1. Usability questions of the user-centered product design? (Dr. Edit Német - Adjunct, - Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Ergonomics and Psychology)

2. The usability through the eyes of a "lay" users (Dr. Valter Papp - Managing Director, CEcertiso Ltd.)

3. Better, if you prepare - Released the new usability engineering standards (Attila Juhász - Head of Medical Devices Division, SAASCO Ltd.)

4. User interface of military equipment (Innovative solutions) (László Kerekes - Quality Expert, SAASCO Ltd.)

5. Evolution of robot's interface (Dr. Attila Farkas - Managing Director, Flexman Robotics Ltd.)

6. Usability of industrial machinery, risk control, accidents or maintenance? (Gábor Kovács - Robert Bosch Electronic Ltd.)

7. Usability requirements - outlook for the world of industrial machinery and household appliances (Gábor Urbán - testing engineer, SAASCO Ltd.)

8. 300 million dollar button - User experience design on the Web (Zsófia Redl - Managing Director, Péter Sípos  - online marketing expert, DOPPIO Creative Advertising Agency)

9. Usability validation using mobile laboratories (Attila Juhász - Head of Medical Devices Division, Gergő Piros - Trainee, SAASCO Ltd.)