Innovation of UX Tools

UXPALA and UXSC present -
Innovation of UX Tools

As the profesison and practice grows up and becomes an essential tool to commerce, service, product development and customer experience, new tools are coming on the market to make our tasks more accurate, efficient and time-saving. Tonight, we’re delighted to celebrate the innovation and ingenuity of some of our well-known tools andsome brand new tools. Join us for a wonderful evening as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of World Usability Day in conjunction with the student of UXSC, USC’s student UX Club and explore what’s new, improved and what we wish was available now!
What new tools are out there to help UX practitioners do their best and most accurate work as efficiently as possible? How are we using them? How do they make our work more Innovative?
Tonight on the 10th Anniversary of World Usability Day we’ll get a demo of tools used for:

  • Wireframing
  • Research 
  • Prototyping 

We'll be showcasing different tools in 25 minute talks. You'll then be able to talk 1-1 with the company representative and give feedback on your usage of the tool and what you wish the next innovation/iteration will include!
Refreshments will be served and there will be many raffle prizes in store!


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