WUD Torino 2014 | Exploring the Engagement

WUD Turin 2014

In 2012 Tim Berners-Lee reaffirmed "this is for everyone", speaking about the Internet (only)!
This is being reality: today's technologies and services are pervasive and increasingly engaging, changing the way we live and manage our time as well as many daily activities, both professional and personal. Socialization, entertainment, education, tourism are some examples of human activities which over time have become increasingly digitalized. 
The engagement is the ultimate challenge in the field of the User Experience: how to capture the user's attention, fragmented into micro-interactions with a plethora of products, apps, services? How to keep the interest alive through a meaningful experience over time? How to integrate into the design process individual, contextual and of course technological issues? How to enhance it?

The event "Exploring the Engagement" promoted by SIE - Italian Society of Ergonomics, with Istituto Superiore Mario Boella, Telecom Italia, Laboratoriodi Ergonomia Applicata e Sperimentale di Napoli Federico II (LEAS) and Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, aims at looking at these questions by different professional and disciplinary perspectives. A series of talks will be presented both from academia and industry, a peer-to-peer  session and a gallery of most recent engagement cases in Italy, will encourage the cross-fertilization of concepts, methods and tools relevant for the professionals working on innovation design.

Event Website: wudtorino2014

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