World Usability Day at IEEE

Digital Summit Webinar 
The summit is an opportunity for employees with significant influence on the IEEE digital presence to discuss opportunities, challenges, plans, and best practices.

Lunch and Learn: UX (User Experience) Fails
From car manufacturers to consumer electronics, we see plenty of examples where usability takes a second seat to other concerns. Employees can learn from the mistakes that other companies have made, and see how you can strengthen the usability of your product. 

Put Usability to the Test
Ever wonder how to test a user's experience?  Employees can see usability testing in action and the evolution of some of IEEE's flagship sites. Then, do some user testing themselves.

Usability Lab
Employees can experience a UX Lab to gain firsthand user experience to test their site on a number of different devices, try using Photoshop to optimize images, and see how a screenreader works for a person who is visually impaired.