World Usability Day Copenhagen celebrates World Usability Day by hosting a series of Ignite Talks. In Denmark WUD is being held at the KEA with short and intense presentations in the Ignite format - 5 minutes with 20 slides changing automatically every 15. second. Read more about the event and sign up here: - it is open for everybody.

This year's speakers are:

Andreas has explored and developed new ways to use the power to act in everyday life. He is co-founder of the social lab 'Brugerlyst' and said yes! to come and share some of his tips.


All believe that it is a good idea to test new products in relation to usability. But when companies must prioritize resources, it can be difficult to get engaged senior management and stakeholders. How do you get them with the idea. This takes Lene Leth from Loop UX tackled. 


Crowdsurfing-Crowdfunding-Crowdsourcing! 3 good words to know. Daiana from 'Danish Crowdsourcing Association' will be there to shed light on one of the concepts. It will not be boring. 

Why to say something on a complicated way? It is usually more effective to communicate in a simple way. Come and experience Christina from She has some tips for cutting information to the bone.

Thomas B. Andersen will be giving ignite speech about the ethical perspectives of the digital usability.
Is the digital rights a city in Russia? It seems like it is not on the political agenda. Karen Melchior is a politician who goes against the stream. She focuses on our digital rights. Come and experience her ardent commitment.

Is usability against to critical design? Or are they the best fit? Jesper will answer these important questions at WUD Copenhagen.

How to design better digital user experience? Viki Ølgod has the answers and she will share with us!

Peter Packroff will be giving user perspectives from Kl(i)tmann!


How often do you ask about "there is a lack of something in this digital design-project"? Ole Gregersen from believes that he has found the widget that is missing! We think he is right! Come to KEA on Thursday 19.00 and get Ole's experiences from


Someone who has done something extraordinary for the Danish user environment or who have developed a product that leads the way for others will have a special prize!

And our special guest to present the special prize , Lene Nielsen.


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