World Usability Day

Get involved: from digital to real life experience

Our daily life is full of technologies and we are no longer simple actors. We became human factors influencing software development and its impact on the global markets.

In a digital world made of smartphones, tablets and more, products and services not only have to be available on different devices in order to connect our data and experiences, they also have to be easy to use and engaging. Therefore user experience and engagement became key elements to help us choose between products that otherwise seem interchangeable.

World Usability Day Rome will look into the topics of usability, user experience and engagement trying to trace the path of the user experience journey between the physical and the digital life.
What are the needs and expectations, what should companies do to develop better products and services and how to benefit from early adopters feedback.

Here a brief glimpse of some of our talks:

  • Responsive in real life
  • How to engage your users: listen to the net and find your influencers
  • Into the circle of Feedback
  • Communication and engagement challenge: A political campaign put under a microscope
  • From bit to atoms: how to transform likes in highfives
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