Usability verification and validation in practice


1. Welcome (László Nagy, GE - Technology Development Director)

2. Usability engineering at Hungarian SMEs. Experience of a consultant (Attila Juhász, SAASCO - Division Manager)

3. Theoretical and practical application possibilities of the usability testing methods and techniques (Dr. Erikai Jókai - Adjunct, Sarolta Tóvölgyi - Assintant Professor - Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Ergonomics and Psychology)

4. User-centered design by GE Healthcare (Bálint Czupi, GE -  Usability Coordinator)

5. Usability engineering and validation (Zsófia Béky, B.Braun Medical Ltd. - Systems Engineer)

6. Virtual Ergonomics, Human Engineering. Virtual Testing and Verification: support for SMEs in the early stages of planning (Gergely Hidas, TÜV Rheinland InterCert Ltd. - Project Manager)

7. Show of GE usability test labor (under preparation)