Cornell University Library World Usability Day Gathering

Please join the CUL Usability Working Group for a morning of speakers, demos, lightning talks, posters and conversation about usability efforts at Cornell!


Dr. Gilly Leshed, Director, MPS Program, Information Science. Expanding the Design of Coordination Technologies by Learning from Farm Families

Tina Yuan, PhD Candidate, Department of Communication. Understanding Multilingual Informal Communication

Lightning talks: Sign up at the event for a five-minute spot if you’d like to share your usability experience or research.

About the CUL Usability Working Group

The CUL Usability Working Group conducts usability tests on behalf of the Library. They are a training group that researches and implements new methodologies in order to enhance the Library's systems and online presence. This group also engages in outreach to further the culture of usability across the Library system.