World Usability Day Slovenia 2013

Advances in information and communication technologies, mobile devices, ubiquitous computing and interactivity, offer an increasing potential for empowering users. Such empowerment could happen in users’ working environment, at home, or in their leisure time.

World Usability Day Slovenia 2013 is the 4th conference of a series to be organised in Slovenia as a part of the global World Usability Day. World Usability Day Slovenia will take place under the aegis of the University of Ljubljana, the Laboratory for Telecommunications the Faculty for Electrical Engineering and the Slovenian Ministry of Education. It is an international conference and all submissions were peer-reviewed by an international panel of experts.

Keynote speakers:
Dr. Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Head of Human Computer Interaction Group at Vienna University of Technology
Dr. Leena Arhippainen, User experience researcher at Center for Internet Excellence
Dr. David Geerts, Research Manager at Centre for User Experience Research, K.U.Leuven
Björn Stockleben, User Experience Designer at Rundfunk Berlin-Branderburg, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Artur Lugmayr, Head and founder of the New AMbient MUltimedia (NAMU) at the Tampere University of Technology
Ville Kairamo, Head of Demola and Protomo

Registration fee
There is no registration fee, though participants should register not later than 23th November to:

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