ISU World Usability Day Challenge 2013

Every year, the Iowa State University's HCI Program sponsors a design challenge for World Usability day. 

Your challenge is to create a conceptual design for a medical Tricorder device or app for smartphones that offers information about a person's state of health and suggests possible treatments. A medical tricorder is a hypothetical portable handheld scanning device to be used by people to self-diagnose medical conditions within seconds and take basic vital measurements, such as heart rate, temperature, blood oxygen levels, respiratory rate, blood pressure, ECG and emotional stress.

You may work individually or in teams (up to 5 students) to create a 3-minute pitch video, showcasing your design, and solution. Given that each team will take its own approach to design and functionality, the conceptual design's physical appearance and functionality may vary immensely from team to team. So, if you use any additional hardware in the conceptual design, keep it small and mobile.

Note: The purpose of this challenge is not to create a fully realized solution, but to come up with a user-centered concept design that you can communicate through mockups or sketches.

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