Consumer Health Trends: Shaping Behavior One Step at a Time

World Usability Day 2013 is November 14th and this year's theme is Healthcare: Collaborating for better systems. Join us for a panel discussion:

“Consumer Health Trends: Shaping Behavior One Step at a Time”

moderated by Mad*Pow’s Founder and Chief Experience Officer, Amy Cueva.

The panel will consist of experts from healthcare insurance to research on the latest personal monitoring interfaces and insights in to the patient experience. Hear from others who are bringing greater awareness to healthy lifestyles through experience design that will shape our future healthcare system and learn how their techniques can benefit everyone as well as other industries.

Come in the main entrance to campus (which is called Great Path) and the closest parking lot to our meeting location will be parking lot “B”. As you can see by the map, either a left or right will circle the campus, so you can’t go wrong.

Once in the Great Path Academy building go to the Great Path Commons conference room on the second floor.

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