WUD Silesia 2012

WUD SILESIA is a non-profit initiative. It is a perfect combination of professional conference style with various educational, informative and fun events aiming at popularization of usability among citizens of the region – so-called “final users.”

We try not to limit ourselves just to talking about change and innovation, but year after year we create one on a gradually enlarged scale.

The main conference is always surrounded by unconventional, surprising happenings and attractive solutions, which guarantee recognition and retention of a brand and the content behind it.

Our initiative emphasizes the importance of sharing the knowledge and experience of experts with an aware and engaged society. We believe in the great value of such exchange in terms of innovation and “creating a better future”.

WUD SILESIA presents a wide and interdisciplinary approach towards the subject of Usability and User Experience. We combine various aspects of IT, social sciences, design, marketing, economy, cultural studies and art.

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