ISU World Usability Day Challenge 2011

Every year, the Iowa State University's HCI Program sponsors a design challenge for World Usability day. 

Your Challenge is to enhance the user experience of the VRAC/HCI website for prospective students, current students, and faculty.

The Virtual Reality Application Center (VRAC) at Iowa State University (ISU) started in 1990. While VRAC started as an innovator in virtual reality, it is now a world leader in emerging technology research. Today, VRAC has broadened its scope to include performing research on the rapidly expanding interactions between humans and technology. This expansion was made possible in part by the creation of the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) graduate program in 2001. The HCI program was created in an effort to expand the education arms of VRAC as well as broaden VRAC's research portfolio into fields such as human-centered computing. 

VRAC/HCI is made of a mix of students and faculty:

VRAC/HCI relies on its website as one of the prime mechanisms of communication within the community. Today, VRAC and HCI have separate sites. In order to best represent the VRAC/HCI initiative, the sites need to be merged and the user experience with the site needs to be improved!

The 2011 Design Challenge is calling all User-Centered Design (UCD) experts (students like you) to tackle this problem. Using sound UCD practices, you have 1 week to create, evaluate and propose a redesign for the current VRAC/HCI website. The final product must promote an improved user experience for prospective students, current students, and faculty. 

Good luck!


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