UX2 - Usability Beyond Individuals: Designing in the Context of Cultural Values

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Usability Beyond Individuals: Designing in the Context of Cultural Values

Usability is about designing for the user's reality. If we do not build our systems to that reality, then it's less usable. The reality of an individual is manufactured by the context of culture and the core values inherent in that culture. By analyzing and capturing this cultural essence and understanding its context, we can better design usability solutions which are inline with the larger whole. Effective communication of usability interactions starts with this understanding and consideration of the larger group's desire, expectations, and resonance. The presentation will make a case for the importance of this high level analysis in design and will go over methods to quickly generate hypotheses of cultural values. Through a number of examples, the hope is that the audience walks away with a useful tool as well as a framework to communicate cultural values in usability.


Ko Nakatsu is a graduate of the Carnegie Mellon industrial design program with emphasis on psychology and photography. He is currently re-envisioning the two thousand year old education system through the design of hybrid and 100% virtual learning environments for Kindergarten through Higher Education at Blackboard. Previous experience as an interaction designer for a multi-billion dollar online retail site and a few design firms, led him to work as a designer, researcher, and strategist in the Advanced Planning and Strategy department at Nissan North America. There, he developed future transportation concepts 5 to 20 years out for global production and cultural inspiration. He has also worked as a Radio DJ, emergency medical technician on ambulances, and as a pizza chef.


Pizza is provided before the talk and we can usually be found at RFD's following.

Anyone who takes design and usability seriously is welcome to attend.

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