PuddleWatch - Enhancing citizen-to-city communication

Have you ever grimaced in fear as your bike wheel slipped into an unseen road crack that poses a danger to cyclists? Or perhaps you've had to make detours around a massive puddle in the middle of a street due to a blocked drain. Is a streetlight nearby burned out, or perhaps you'd like to ask that a new light be put in?

How many of us just roll our eyes and mutter something about red tape? Or perhaps we shake our fists at the lack of communication with our city staff?

There seems to be an opportunity here - you want to make the city a better place, and the city wants to improve its streets and make its residents and visitors happy.

Some services exist in large cities where citizens can connect with city staff, but are they as effective as they could be?

A group of UX professionals will be gathering to explore this very question. Can we create an experience for the citizens of a city - any city - such that the opportunity for enhanced communication is realized?