Prague World Usability Day 2010

There will be four talks this year:

More info:

1) Eric Reiss. Eric will be presenting his Web Dogma and its use as a usability tool that transcends technology and fashion.

2) Jan Jurska. In his presentation Jan Jursa will be talking about the relationship between Storytelling and User Experience. How does Storytelling work? Is it hard to learn?

How does being a good Storyteller help you in your next User Experience project? How can stories influence your wireframes, personas, scenarios and other typical UX deliverables? Jan will try to answer those questions and show you why it is a good approach to introduce the power of storytelling into your next project.

3) Conrad Albrecht-Buehler. Conrad will discuss a variety of methods that designers can use to draw a user's attention. He'll demonstrate ways in which important information in an interface can be overlooked, and discuss how to design interfaces that help a user develop situation awareness.

4) Collaborative Collective. They will present how they work with: client, team and environment.