World Usability Day at the Science Center 2007

On Saturday November 10th, 2007, usability volunteers will guide Saint Louis Science Center guests through various hands-on activities that illustrate the issues and science of usability in healthcare.  In addition, brief presentations will be given throughout the day providing insight and real-world examples of usability in healthcare. Among the exhibits will be:

Rx Reading Rally.  Race against the clock to find the correct medication and dosage on different prescription labels.  Numerous studies show that many people misread their prescription labels, sometimes with very serious consequences.  Find out how a well-designed prescription label helps prevent these life-and-death mistakes.

Disabilities Obstacle Course.  This activity demonstrates the importance of empathy when designing products, especially for healthcare and household items that are often used by people with varying degrees of ability and dexterity. This is accomplished by pitting two contestants against one another in a race using various items. One contestant is able to race as-is, and the other must empathize by using glasses that simulate blurred vision and gloves that limit dexterity and tactile sensation.

And many more…

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